How to Clean Partial Dentures in Toms River, NJ

Tooth loss is a problem for many dental patients. Loss of more than one tooth can result in problems with speech and eating. To correct this, a person can get replacement teeth. Using removable Partial Dentures in Toms River NJ is one way to retain the functionality of natural teeth. Since this dental appliance is a major investment, it’s helpful to keep it clean. The following suggestions can be used to perform this task.

A removable partial denture consists of replacement teeth attached to a base. This base is often plastic and can be attached to a metal framework. Although the materials used in producing this dental appliance are sturdy and long-lasting, substances can get on the denture and shorten its useful life. To clean a removable partial denture, set up an area for regular cleaning. This place should be at a sink with countertop space for the cleaning supplies. A person will need to have a denture toothbrush and denture toothpaste. The dentures will also need a container to be put in when not in the dental patient’s mouth. Dentures will require a chemical solution to soak in as well.

Partial Dentures in Toms River NJ, should either be in a person’s mouth or in a container soaking in a special solution. To clean them, fill the sink with water. Place a hand towel at the bottom of the sink. This will help cushion the denture if it’s are dropped. Carefully grasp the denture with the non-dominant hand. Place a generous amount of denture toothpaste on the denture toothbrush. In circular motions, start cleaning the denture. Ensure that crevices are cleaned. Rinse the denture under a steady flow of water. It’s prudent to use a separate toothbrush for cleaning natural teeth and gums. Place the denture in your mouth or in its container.

Using removable partial dentures can give a person enhanced aesthetic appeal and reduce the likelihood of consumption and speech problems occurring. For more information on dentures, please talk to a professional with Atlantic Dental. This practice offers dental patients many services for improved dental health, increased functionality, and elevated appeal.