Homeowners May Need Water Damage Remediation In Bowie

Nothing is worse than walking in and finding your home filled with water. If the water is not flood related, find the main water valve and turn it off. Next, call a specialist because the water needs to be cleaned up immediately. The longer water stays on the floors, the greater the chances of seepage into the walls and foundation. First, experts have to find the source of the water. Hopefully, the water is clean, such as water from a broken line or a leak in the roof.

Other water may be contaminated. For example, water that comes from a toilet overflow or a leaking washing machine is called gray water. Indeed, gray water quickly changes to black water in a closed house. Examples of black water include flooding that contains river water and sewage backups. Flood water may contain a variety of organic material that should not be in a house. Experts like ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services will clean up the water initially. The Homeowner needs to call the insurance company. It will not be safe for the family to stay in the residence. Insurers may pay for a hotel until the house is restored to normal.

Water Damage Remediation in Bowie calls for heavy-duty pumps and wet vac machines. After the water is removed, the company brings in commercial air moving machines to dry up the remaining water. They will also use commercial dehumidifiers to help things dry up and get the moisture out of the air. Dehumidifiers and temperature control are crucial to mold and mildew growth. The air has to reach a certain temperature for these organisms to grow. An important part of the mediation process is using a moisture meter to determine if water leaked into walls and other structural areas.

A thorough Water Damage Remediation in Bowie calls for an inspection once the area is dry. All floor coverings need to be checked for damage, as well as furniture. Other areas that need to be checked include ceilings, insulation, and appliances. It is never safe for consumers to try and handle standing water on their own. Call a specialist and let them do the work to restore the home.