Helpful Information on Dental Implants in West Bloomfield

When a person’s smile is not complete, it can make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. Missing teeth can also make it difficult for people to be able to eat normally because they do not have enough teeth to properly chew. This can also lead to issues with the balance in the mouth, which can cause uneven wearing of certain teeth. Many people also experience sliding of their teeth because there is too much space in the mouth. All of these issues can be overcome through Dental Implants in West Bloomfield.

Implants are a permanent option for replacing missing teeth anywhere in a person’s smile. There are two pieces that will need to be put in place before an implant is complete. The first piece is the root part of the tooth. The root is made of titanium metal. Titanium is the only metal that bonds with bone. For the implant to be able to function properly, it needs to be fully embedded in bone.

The bonding process can take up to six months to be finished. This part of the process is crucial for ensuring the second piece of the implant can be put in place. As the patient heals, the dentist will check to see if bonding has taken place be taking X-rays. This is normally not done until at least three months have passed since this is the minimum amount of healing a person needs before placement.

The second part of an implant is the actual tooth part. When the tooth is added to the metal base, the implant is finally complete and is able to look and perform like a natural tooth. This allows a person’s smile to be complete while giving them renewed function. Once a person’s teeth have been replaced, they can finally feel confident in their appearance again.

Those who are in need of Dental Implants in West Bloomfield can learn more by seeing the Making Beautiful Smiles YouTube Channe. This dentist offers all of the dental services patients need to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Contact them today for an appointment.