Getting Help From A Immigracion Abogado Nashville, TN

Marrying a U.S. citizen or permanent resident helps ease the path for permanent residency. However, it does not guarantee a green card. The immigrant must go through an application process, and that process takes several months. If your fiancee lives in Mexico, see the Inmigracion Abogado Nashville TN. The process is complicated and couples need the help of an attorney. It may be easier to travel to Mexico and marry in that country. The new spouse obtains “preference relative” status and applies for a visa to travel to the U.S. Be advised that there are limits on how many visas are given out each year.

The Inmigracion Abogado Nashville TN, helps the spouse get a green card by filing form I-130. The couple may continue applying for a visa after the I-130 is approved. It is best not to hesitate because the waiting period for a visa is about two years. Next, the spouse in Mexico goes to the consular for visa processing. This processing includes an interview and filing paperwork. Once approved, the spouse receives a visa to travel to the U.S. Couples should be aware that not every U.S. consulate processes immigrant visas. Do your homework and find the appropriate consulate. Further, there are several reasons spouses may be inadmissible to the U.S., including medical, criminal and financial reasons.

If the parties are already in the U.S., they should apply for a status adjustment. The Inmigracion Abogado Nashville TN, files form I-485, the application to become a permanent resident. Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law, advises there may be problems entering the U.S. without inspection. However, she has the experience to work though the situation. Indeed, applicants must have a valid marriage license wherever the ceremony takes place. For instance, if the marriage is in Mexico, the U.S. citizen must be physically in Mexico, have the proper tourist documents and documents required for marriage. Additionally, divorced applicants will need legal proof that a divorce took place to file with the I-485. The INS will scrutinize the application because they frown upon people who marry just to get a green card. It is important to hire an attorney because applicants with the most success follow the rules precisely. Click here for more information.