Five Signs You Should Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist

People are told at an early age, they should be seen by their dentist every six months for an oral exam and thorough cleaning of their teeth. With routine visits to a Chicago dentist, a variety of dental problems can be discovered before they become a major issue to help maintain a healthy mouth. However, some dental issues can occur in between examinations and require the person to schedule an appointment before their routine exam. Depending on the symptoms will determine how quickly the individual should contact their dentist office.

Know When to Call

1. Tooth sensitivity can be a reason to schedule an appointment with a dentist outside their routine exam. When something hot or cold touches the teeth, it can cause pain and make it difficult for the person to eat or drink anything. This can be an early sign of tooth decay.
2. Gum inflammation or bleeding is an ideal reason to be seen by a Chicago dentist.
3. Canker sores or oral ulcers that will not heal should receive immediate dental attention.
4. A toothache is one of the most common reasons to schedule an appointment with a dentist before their usual examination. This can be a sign of an infected tooth or a cavity forming in the person’s mouth.
5. A broken or chipped tooth should be seen immediately by a dentist to help minimize the damage and to find a solution to repair the tooth.

Do Not Delay in Receiving Dental Care

If you are experiencing tooth or oral problem, you should immediately contact the friendly staff at Art of Modern Dentistry. One of their highly-trained dentists can examine your mouth to determine the issue and find a way to help solve the issue to prevent further dental problems.