Finding the Right Land Surveying Company in Binghamton, NY

Land ownership can be a source of dispute. There are times when two property owners can’t agree on property boundaries. When this occurs, it’s beneficial to hire a service provider to establish legal boundaries so both parties know what land they own. To do this, it’s essential to investigate local service providers so the right land surveyor can be hired. The following guidelines can be used to locate the right land surveying company in Binghamton, NY.

Since the services of a land surveying company in Binghamton, NY can be quite expensive, it’s advisable to get recommendations from people who have used such service providers in the past. Friends, family members, and co-workers can give an abundance of details about the workmanship and customer care they received from their respective land surveyors. The following is a list of questions to ask when gathering referrals:

* What approach was used to determine the boundaries of your property?

* Were you given an estimate before work was started?

* What instruments did the surveyor use?

* How long did the job take to complete?

* Was the land surveyor communicative about the entire process?

Asking these questions and more can help you get detailed answers. These responses can help you form a tentative opinion of each service provider. A referral list should then be narrowed down to two or three land surveyors. This will make the rest of the hiring process easier.

It’s prudent to find out whether any complaints have been filed against a land surveyor. A property owner can get in touch with the Better Business Bureau, a non-profit organization that tracks grievances filed against certain types of companies and keeps records of complaint resolutions. Since most companies will have at least one grievance filed against them while in operation, it may be worthwhile to concentrate on complaint resolution, unless the complaint was serious.

To continue the hiring process, a person should perform an interview with each prospective service provider. After gathering all the facts, a suitable company can be chosen based on solid fact-gathering. For more information on land surveying services, please visit JHA Companies. This company can handle residential and commercial services.