Equip Your Area With Fire Rescue Boats

Cities that are located near large bodies of water often need fire boats. For example, fire boats play an important role in New York City. The fire boat fleet played a major role on September 11th, 2001. Fire boats are also used in areas with oil terminals and a lot of off-shore drilling platforms. Initially, the first fire boat was built in the 1700’s in London. The small boat carried a hand pump to put out fires.

Fire Rescue Boats are a valuable commodity in a city surrounded by water. Government officials are concerned that New York City is a target for terrorism. To that end, the city commissioned a fire boat unlike any in the world. The boat, which costs $27 million, has remote-controlled fire cannons that release up to 50,000 gallons of water per minute. This is the greatest water capacity of any fire boat in the world. Further, the Fire boat is large enough to carry a small speed boat and also contains a decontamination room. Municipalities that are interested in buying Fire Rescue Boats should visit munsonboats.com. They sell to many cities and countries around the world.

Henrico County, Virginia’s Maritime Incident Response Team, uses a boat equipped with a water pump that fires from the bow and stern. On board, hydrants can supply full pump capacity to land-based pumper trucks. Further, the Fire Rescue Boat in Vancouver, Washington carries 8 fire hose hydrants, sirens, radios and infra-red cameras. Manufacturers have the technology available to equip the boats with as much power as people want.

The Exxon Mobile Terminal on the Bonny River in Nigeria is protected by a fleet of boats. They service all off-shore drilling rigs. Likewise, Lake Havasu, Arizona, is one of the most popular vacation spots in the southwest. The Havasu City Fire Department is responsible for protecting the Arizona side of the lake. They use two boats equipped with pumps, monitors and foam. In Illinois, Citgo’s Lemont Refinery operates boats to respond to oil spills and fires near and at the refinery. The boats have amazing pump capacity, flood lights and a foam system. It is clear that the firemen aboard these rescue boats perform lots of different jobs.