Do You Need To Hire A Plumber?

Plumbers are highly skilled at what they do; chances are as a homeowner you do not have the skills and knowledge to do much more than change a washer in a dripping tap. Without a plumbing background it can actually be difficult to determine what you should be looking for when you need to hire a plumber in Winnetka IL. Hopefully the following tips will come in handy.

* Always ask about licensing: This is an extremely important question to ask. Plumbing requires specific knowledge that only comes with years of experience. There are “plumbers” that operate under the radar without a license. Licensing means the plumber has met the criteria set by the state which include such things as knowledge of his trade, business practices and more.

* Insurance: Any plumber that you are considering must carry liability insurance as well as workers comp. In the event your home is damaged or the plumber or a helper is injured while in your home, it is important to know that you will not be held liable for any costs or expenses.

* Find out how you will be charged: There are two ways that a job can be quoted; the material cost plus labor charged at an hourly rate or material cost plus a fixed labor charge. It is always best if you know in advance what to expect so a fixed price quotation is best for you.

* What about payment: The answer to this question often depends on the size of the plumbing job. If you called in the plumber in Winnetka IL to repair a leak or install a new fixture you can expect full payment to be due upon completion. Larger jobs that take longer and require far more material may be based on stage payments; so much upfront with the balance payable as agreed upon milestones are hit.

Hopefully these few questions will help you identify a plumber in Winnetka IL that is reliable, honest and highly skilled.

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