Do You Need the Help of a Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard?

Slip and fall injuries can occur for a variety of reasons. Wet or slippery floors, worn steps and uneven ground can all cause a person to fall and become seriously injured. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove fault in this type of case. This is why it is crucial injured victims contact a slip and fall attorney in Port Orchard. An attorney can help to determine liability in a case and will work towards getting his client fair compensation.

The first aspect that needs to be determined in a case is whether or not the property owner could have prevented the accident from occurring. Questions need to be asked, such as:

     *     Was the property owner aware of the danger?

     *     Did the property owner do all they could to prevent dangers?

     *     Did the property owner knowingly neglect their property?

The Slip And Fall Attorney in Port Orchard will first need to be able to prove the property owner was neglectful. Whether willful or simple neglect, this can prove the property owner should be held liable for the victim’s injuries.

Once the liability has been proven, the lawyer will seek to prove his client suffered from measurable damages. These damages may include:

     *     Medical bills

     *     Lost wages

     *     Damaged property

     *     Permanent disability

     *     Permanent scarring or limp

     *     Future medical costs

In some cases, slip and fall claims may be settled outside of court, through the insurance company or mediation meetings. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, a complaint may need to be filed in court.

Court cases can prove beneficial but are often lengthy. The case will be heard before a jury who will decide who is held liable and how much compensation is awarded. No fees will be charged by the attorney unless a win is achieved.

To learn more about options for settling a slip and fall case, contact the office of Anthony C Otto. Through these legal services, injured victims can receive the help they need in pursuing a case for compensation. This can give people peace of mind in knowing their case is being handled with care.