Checking Out New and Used Vehicles at a Local Chevy Dealer

The time has come to invest in a second car for the household. What remains to be settled is whether to go with a new vehicle or invest in a used one. In order to decide which approach is best, it pays to visit the local Chevy dealer and see what is on the lot. Here are some points to ponder while having a look around.

How Much Can the Customer Afford?

While the purchase of that second vehicle will normally include arranging financing, the payments must fit into the household budget without causing a lot of distress. This means setting a limit on the purchase price and having an idea of how much those monthly installment payments can be. Setting some limits before visiting the local Chevy dealer will make it easier to focus on vehicles that are in an appropriate price range.

Features Needed

Look around and see which vehicles have the features necessary to make the car a real asset to the family. Maybe the goal is to leave a larger car at home so it can be used to transport kids to school and other activities. In this scenario, looking at smaller models that are comfortable and consume less fuel would be ideal for getting to and from work.

Pay close attention to features like leg room, the heating, and cooling system, and even the ability to adjust the seats. It also does not hurt to make sure the car has a decent sound system. As long as the car has the essentials and will do the job, it is worth considering.

Taking a Test Drive

While everything looks great, the real test is how well the car handles in traffic. The only way to determine that is to take the vehicle for a quick spin. While on the road, try every feature, from the wipers to the air conditioner. Get a feel for how the car handles and what type of vibration is present when the engine is idling. If everything seems to work properly, the search for a second car may be over.

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