Buffet Style Special Events Catering Tips

While a boxed lunch meal at any type of event is a very efficient way to get large or small numbers of people fed and seated in a very short amount of time, it also has its drawbacks. In this type of special events catering attendees are limited to selecting one of a set kind of lunch without the option to have a lot of modifications, changes or substitutions.

Benefits of Buffet Style

To provide attendees with a greater selection that they can personalize many special events catering services offer buffet style meals. This allows a wide selection of foods to be put out for participants to pick and choose what they would like to sample.

A buffet style special events catering menu can be fun to put together. You can mix and match, go with a theme, or order a little bit of everything. Generally having a range of different food options to accommodate for those with dietary restrictions is much easier with a buffet style event.

Options to Consider

For a luncheon special events catering menu soup and sandwiches are always a great choice. However, make sure you have a variety of each as well as trays or platters of fruits, meats and cheeses and sides to satisfy everyone.

Soups are hearty and warm, a great option for a fall or winter lunch or really any time of year. Make sure you include a cream based soup as well as a soup with a stock base for those that may not eat dairy.

A great option is to choose deli sandwiches that include options for vegetarians as well as for those that love a great ham, roast beef or chicken salad sandwich. For those that may not eat bread you may also want to include bowls of varieties of chicken salad, vegetables, fruit salads and even pasta salads.

Don’t forget that special events catering wouldn’t be complete without some special dessert treats. Cookies are a great option that aren’t too heavy or sweet and pair nicely with a fruit tray or a strawberry and dip platter option that is healthy as well as delicious.

If you are considering buffet style special events catering your caterer will be able to provide you with ideas of favorites from the menu. They are also a terrific resource when determining how much food to order given the number you are anticipating. At Business Name our expertise is in special events catering for groups of all sizes. To see more information on planning or our menu choices go to Facebook or Twitter.