Benefits Of Professional Floor Refinishing

More and more people are installing carpeting in the home. Others are ripping up old carpeting to utilize the hardwood flooring which lies below the carpeting. A nice hardwood floor is one which is shiny. If you have hardwoods, and they are not shiny, you do not need to have them replaced. Floor Refinishing is a great way to give your floor the shiny luster which you have always wanted. There are several benefits to having your wood floors refinished.


If you decide to replace your wood floors, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars to have the job done. When you contact the professionals at a place like New Your Wood Flooring to have your floors refinished, you will end up paying only a fraction of the cost of a new floor.

Larger Appearance

After you have your floors refinished, the shine from the floor will make the room look much larger than it is. A room that looks bigger is a room that looks better.


Whether you have dark wood or light wood floors, when they are refinished, they look beautiful. Having a nice shiny top coating will make the floors gleam, giving your home an elegant look.

Increased Property Value

If you are planning to sell your home, you would obviously want to sell for the highest price possible. If you choose to pay a little extra money, you can have your floors refinished, which can increase the value of the property. Floors are very important to buyers. Especially if the floors are in the living room or the kitchen. When a buyer sees a beautiful, shiny floor, they will likely be willing to pay top dollar for your house.

Less Chance of Floor Breakdown

When you have your wood floors refinished, you will reduce the risk of having the wood splinter underneath someone’s foot when they are walking. If they are walking with bare feet, having the floor splinter underneath can be painful. Having the floors refinished will also prevent the breakdown of the floor, allowing it to harbor termites or other pests.

Floor Refinishing is a great way to bring dull, dingy floors back to life, giving them a beautiful, shiny look. The professionals at New York Wood Flooring will have your floors looking new again.