Basic Maintenance for Septic Tanks in Eustis FL

Septic Tanks in Eustis FL are an essential part of many communities. These wastewater treatment systems are relatively inexpensive to maintain and install compared to other wastewater treatment systems. Typically, they also require less maintenance than other wastewater filtering systems. To keep your septic system functioning at optimal levels, learn about basic maintenance.

Before you can maintain your septic system, it’s helpful to learn what one is. A septic talk is one part of a septic system. When you flush your toilet or drain your sink, water travels through the sewer pipe into the septic tank. Once there, the water and solids separate. Scum such as grease and oils rise to the top of the tank since they are lighter than water. The solids move to the bottom of the tank, forming a layer of sludge. The middle layer is partially filtered wastewater. When new water comes into the tank, the oldest water will move through a filter into the leach field. From here, it will undergo natural filtration and integrate with the environment.

It’s essential to have our septic system checked once a year. If your septic system has moving parts, you may want to have it inspected two to three times a year by a qualified contractor. This professional will have to locate the system first. Next, the contractor will gain access to the manhole and inspection ports. He will check the functionality of the system by using plumbing fixtures to drain water through the plumbing system into the septic tank. The scum and sludge layers will be measured. The measurements will determine whether the tank should be pumped or not. This expert will also assess the general condition of the septic tank and the leach field (drain field).

It’s important to keep all records of maintenance, repairs, permits, and inspections. This history will help a septic tank expert know which course of action to take with your septic tank. For more information on Septic Tanks in Eustis FL, talk to a specialist with Shelley’s Septic Tanks. You can also click here to find out more info on the commercial and residential services this business can handle.