Acquiring ACL Reconstruction Surgery Through Orthopedic Doctors In Panama City, FL

ACL tears and sprains are among the most detrimental of all sports-related injuries. Improper treatment of the ACL has, in fact, ended athletic careers. To correct these conditions, Orthopedic Doctors perform ACL reconstruction surgery when required to repair the tendon.

What is ACL Surgery?

ACL reconstruction surgery requires the use of grafts. The surgeon uses these grafts to recreate the tendon. These grafts are acquired from the patellar or hamstring tendons. The patient could also receive a donation from a cadaver.

The surgery is performed arthroscopically. This enables the surgeons to acquire a clear view of the knee. The smaller incisions reduce the risks that are associated with open knee surgery. The surgeon could also diagnose any additional damage sustained during the injury.

How is the Surgery Performed?

The Orthopedic Doctors in Panama City FL area use the small incisions to produce anchors for the graft. These anchors are holes drilled into the surrounding bones. To secure the graft, the surgeon retrieves a piece of the knee and tibia. However, if the replacement tendon is acquired from the hamstring, the sections of bone aren’t required. After the graft is in place, screws are inserted to secure the tendon to the bone.

After the Surgery

All patients remain in recovery for at least two hours after the surgery. All arthroscopic surgeries are classified as an outpatient. However, if an infection is discovered, the patient must remain in the hospital.

Following the surgery, the patient may experience swelling around the knee. The shin could develop bruises. After a week, these symptoms should subside.

Physical Rehabilitation for Patients

ACL reconstruction surgery requires the patient to undergo physical rehabilitation. The duration of physical therapy depends on how quickly the patient heals. This could take up to one year. Most patients recover fully within six months.

ACL reconstruction surgery is performed to restore the stability of the knee. It increases the patient’s range of motion. A full evaluation during the surgery determines if additional damage or degeneration is possible. The outcome of the surgery could determine if the patient can return to their preferred sport. To learn more about reconstruction surgery contact Orthopedic Doctors in Panama City FL today.