A Wrongful Death Lawyer in Collinsville, IL 62234 Gets Justice for Families

It is never easy to put a parent in a nursing home. However, they may have become so frail that the family can no longer care for them. When an older person is 90, their children may be in their early Sixties. They may not have the strength or health to help them walk or take care of personal hygiene. When the children visit a nursing home, the administrator explains how carefully their parent will be cared for. Therefore, they place their mother in the facility. They are appalled when they visit her and see that she has infected bed sores. They become angry and call a Wrongful Death Lawyer Collinsville IL 62234 when she dies from the infection.

The lawyer will have medical doctors review the mother’s charts and treatment. They will also look at her autopsy report to determine if she received the appropriate level of care. Nursing professionals will be brought in to explain how the proper care prevents bed sores. The Wrongful Death Lawyer Collinsville IL 62234 will also review all of the nursing home’s staff schedules to determine if the nursing home had the proper personnel present at the time of her death. If the nursing home does not have the required number of nurses and personal care technicians on each shift, then the nursing home owner can be held responsible for her death.

The lawyer will probably have to sort through a lot of conflicting stories to determine who is to blame. The nursing home owner may claim he instructed the administrator to always hire the correct staff. The administrator may claim that there was never enough money in the budget. They lawyer will hire a forensic accountant to determine how much money the nursing home was making and how it was being spent. Once the facts have been uncovered, the lawyer will file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party. The lawyer will work to ensure that the family recovers the proper damages for losing their mother before her time. Anyone who has experienced such a premature loss in Collinsville, IL can contact the Business Name. They are one of the law firms in the area that handle wrongful death cases.