A Rose Gold Wedding – How to Outfit Your Wedding in Today’s Hottest Shade

It’s in the jewelry cases. It’s on stationary and accessories. It’s even on your electronics!

Rose gold is enjoying more than a moment in the spotlight. The romantic metal tone lends sweetness and shine to a little bit of everything these days, and people are eating it up. From iPhones to eyewear, people can’t get enough of this rosy shade.

With such popularity in every aspect of décor and accessories, it’s no surprise that rose gold weddings are in demand. Brides of every age and walk of life are applying the soft, sweet hue to their nuptial celebrations, from the bands of their engagement rings to the linens at their receptions. Here are a few ways this color-of-the-moment is making its way into people’s big day.


Fashionable colors have always been on-trend for bridal party attire. Bridesmaids’ dresses often reflect the times, in that respect. But even brides themselves are getting in on the rose gold wedding trend, donning dresses in the shimmer shade.


Of course, the place where the trend began was in the jewelry department. Stores can hardly stock enough of the popular band material in bridal jewelry, with women clamoring for full wedding sets in this beautiful and whimsical shade. Colored diamonds complete the modern twist on a classic trend, and give brides the rosy look they’re hoping for.

Linens and More

Of course, one of the easiest ways to add a pop of color to your wedding celebration is to decorate with the shade at your reception. And just as it is in mainstream fashion culture, this pretty, pink metallic is everywhere you want it.

Retailers of wedding reception décor and linens carry beautiful selections of tablecloths and runners, napkins, metallic charger plates, glittering satin sashes and more, all dressed in the gorgeous golden shade brides are craving.