A Beginner’s Guide to the Drug Detox Process

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Drug Addiction

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that early intervention has a much greater impact than intervening too late in the process. This is especially true for children or teenagers. However, these programs can help anybody of any age. If you or the one you care about have never been to a Malibu drug detox center, it can be an intimidating experience. To help you feel prepared, read on to see the different steps that usually take place to help people become sober.

1. Intake

This is the stage in which both you and the treatment center try to assess whether or not you would make a good match in terms of your needs. You will not only have to answer several questions, but will also need to take a number of diagnostic tests to analyze just how severe your problem may be.

2. Detox

Once the center has run tests on you and has ascertained that it is the best fit for you, it is time to get rid of all traces of the addictive substance from your body. If necessary, medicine may be provided in order to curb the symptoms caused by certain drugs.

3. Rehab

After the drug has been removed entirely from the body, the center assists the patient through rehab. This is where you will delve more into the psychological aspect of the addiction. For instance, the center will try to help you determine why you started taking drugs in the first place.

4. Recovery

Finally, after you have gone through counseling and therapy, the center will discuss an aftercare program with you. This is often the most difficult stage for patients, as it is possible to fall into a relapse, especially when they are no longer at the center. Some centers encourage patients to visit every weekend for follow-up treatments and sessions.

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