3 Ways the Best Family Dentistry Can Give Your Smile a Boost

Most times, people have no idea how to fix their oral problems without consulting with a dentist. All you know is that you have a toothache or even an emergency. While not knowing how to solve these problems isn’t a big deal, understanding the procedures along with their risks and benefits is essential to your health, physically and emotionally. Here are three ways that the Best Family Dentistry can take care of your smile.

Tooth Contouring and Reshaping

This procedure is mainly used to manipulate the tooth by filling or removing parts of the enamel based on chips, uneven lengths, overlaps, and dramatically flattened or pointy edges. Usually, the upper front incisors and canines are the most commonly examined on. The cost ranged from $50-$300 per tooth and the risk is high of tooth damage. If this seems a bit too extreme for you, there are other options you can consider.

Composite Bonding

Like tooth contouring, bonding improves the appearance of teeth with imperfections and is the less expensive alternative. Customized coverings are shaped, polished, and colored to match your surrounding teeth; this procedure can also be used to close gaps between teeth. Although the material is hard, it can be cracked, avoid biting on hard objects and surfaces. While the covering usually lasts several years, it does require repair over time.

Smile Makeover

Most of the time, your smile is just not the best you would like it to be. Smile makeovers aim to achieve the overall appearance of your smile the way you want it. Evaluations of the natural and desired look of your teeth are taken in order to reach satisfaction. Most commonly, two or more cosmetic procedures,

1. dental veneers

2. dental implants

3. gingival sculpting

4. teeth whitening

While this overview of possible effective procedures can be overwhelming, it’s better to know your options than to spend too much on something you don’t need. Look into the methods of dentistry to find the one specifically fit to you. A smile is a shared joy with the world, be proud of yours. If you have questions about what the Best Family Dentistry can do for you, give them a call today.